Travel Posters Come To Life.

I have a thing for the look of vintage travel posters from that golden age of travel circa 1935 to 1960. The look of those style of posters is something I have been drawn to since I was a little kid. The color, the rendering of exotic locations, the typography, the illustrations. all of it just draws me in, even today. Directed by Elliot Lim the animation below from CHRLX  takes Nick Iluzada‘s illustrations and creates a flowing two minute animated short the for Ritz Carlton Reserve line of hotels. The CHRLX team nails it using Ilzudada’s work to bring the magic of the classic travel poster to life. I could watch this over and over again.

If you have a big monitor, or are watching on your TV, go full screen it’s worth it.

Director: Elliot Lim
Producer: Corey Budro
Illustrator: Nick Iluzada
Animators: Harry Teitelman, Anne Calandre, Efrain Cintron
Compositors: Elliot Lim, Ryan Dunn
Composer: Kettel
Sound Design: Mike Jansson
ECD: Ryan Dunn

Production Company: CHRLX