Monday Inspiration. Lilian Darmono.

Here’s a little something to start your week off with. Three animated shorts for Pearson English Learning, illustrated by the very talented Lilian Darmono and animated by Abel Reverter and Alasdair Willson from Territory. The illustrative style combined with fluid animation help take a fairly boring topic, and make it a visual treat. While I watched all of these with the volume on, I also went back and watched them with the volume off, scrubbing through the video to take in the subtle nuances that Reverter and  Wilson created.



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  1. Cheers for the mention! Lilian created a beautiful style and visual story for Abel to work with. However Abel did the majority of the animation and should take most of the credit along with David Penn of Six Fingers, vimeo[dot]com/sxfngrs, who helped Abel a lot more than I was able to. I simply helped animate the end of “One”, the revolving world scene, when time was short. Is it possible to amend the copy to read that it was Abel’s animation with David Penn and me as additional animators? Cheers and I’m happy you liked the series as Lilian and Abel did a fantastic job!

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