Joseph Allen Freeman “Through the Ground Glass”.

Taylor Hawkins with co-director Nick Bolton have put together a nice documentary short on photographer Joseph Allen Freeman , who works almost exclusively on large format cameras. This type of photography is one that truly tests your skills as a photographer. You have to know how your equipment works inside and out. There is no Program or Auto mode. No auto focus, or bracketing. As you watch the film, Freeman talks about the process, and why it is so appealing to him. One of the things that really stands out for me is the slowness of the process. With digital photography you can work so fast, that you sometimes fail to remember the basics, what drew you to making images in the first place. As Freeman points out, with large format, you are focused on the line and texture, and composition, and the process of making the image. With this type of photography, there is no “Spray and pray”. It’s more of “I’m a confident photographer. I know I got the shot.”