Mr. Selfie

Over the last year I have pretty much shut down my interaction with Facebook, slowed the number of postings to Instagram, and Twitter, and I am trying to wean myself off of social media. (yes I am aware that each of these posts shares to Twitter, which shares to Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn) Call it a backlash to the overshare world we now live in.  One thing I rarely do, is take selfies. I actually hate them. Not just mine, but any selfie. The whole narcissistic idea of them just puts me off, especially when there is so much more interesting stuff to look at besides a picture of yourself making a pouty face. That brings me to the video below from , a fun little send up to our smartphone obsessed world set to a bouncy electronica soundtrack. I think it sums things up quite well.

“Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing fixation with what is going on our smartphones – if it’s not ourselves, then we regularly see other people walking down the street pre-occupied with their phones, we see buses and trains full of commuters fixated on their little screens desperate for some information fix and it’s not uncommon to see friends in restaurants interacting with their phones rather than each other – all missing what is going on around them and reducing their quality of life as a result.

This short animation is a playful tale of this modern phenomenon…”