Sound FX, Arper.

The video below from was produced for Arper and Lievore, Altherr, Molina to introduce their new office chair Arper. It is a really solid blend of live action, and CG work married to a solid script and some great sound design work. If you have headphones, put them on and give this a listen. Then watch the video. I say that because the sound design work is so subtle, and yet such a key component of the finished piece. When I first watched this, I didn’t really pay that much attention to the audio taking place behind the voice over, and the soundtrack. On the second, third and fourth viewing it really sank in, and that is what makes this video. Yes all the production work is rock solid but that subtle effective sound work just seals the deal for me. I love the look, pace, and VFX work, but without the background audio this just wouldn’t be the same.

Director: Bungalow
Art Direction: Bungalow
Animation & Motion Graphics: Bungalow, Fabio Medrano
Sound FX: Newton Audio
Production Co: Bungalow