Audi TT Brochure Hack.

I love it when a group of designers and engineers come together and solve a problem that blends digital and analog worlds. For a while now I have been fascinated by using conductive ink, and paper to extend a digital experience tied to your phone or smart device.

Razorfish Germany was tasked with creating an interactive brochure to promote the features of the new Audi TT Virtual Cockpit. To do this they used the physical automotive brochure, conductive ink, and a bluetooth chip that synchronizes the brochure with your smartphone. The idea was to create a seamless experience that mirrors the actual virtual cockpit and extends the learning experience for your new TT. 

This “Digital meets Print” idea shows how you can generate unique value for customers by intelligently linking the virtual and physical worlds together to extend the overall experience. For a bit more information on the “Audi TT Brochure Hack”  Project Gallery has a  website with a bit more info and some still images.