Design Disruptors.

A few years back, actually almost a decade ago, companies began to take notice of the importance of design when it came to business. Since then there has been steady growth and recognition about the effect good design has on products, brands, experiences, and so much more.

“Design Disruptors” by  InVision  is a new documentary film set to be released later this year. It focuses on 15 disruptive companies who’s combined worth is more than a trillion dollars. The trailer below looks promising with valuable insights in the short sound bites you get to hear. The film will focus on customer centric design that is emerging, disruptive, and focused on the future. My favorite quote in the trailer is from Jenny Arden Lead UX Designer at Google, “At it’s best design is human. It’s not about does it have drop shadows, is it pretty. It’s more about the connection I have to it.”

You can sign up to find out when the movie will be coming to a town near you here.