Music Blocks.

Kinetic Type animations are one of those things that just keeping popping back into play on the old TV set. Just about the time you think it’s died and gone away, here comes another regional ad but with a kinetic type template bought on Video Hive and repurposed. One spot though that has been making the rounds is for CMT Music from Superestudio. I like it because the crew that put it together pushed the style to a higher level. They introduce animated grids and blocks that frame the type as well as the video subject matter, instead of the typical flipping and rotating text timed to a voice over. The whole look is spot on with a bold color pallet, nice visuals, solid editing, and great timing. Next time someone asks you to create a piece and they show you a typical kinetic type spot, point them to this and tell them you’d like to try something that looks a little different.