The Cost of War.

I love it when someone takes data, and crafts a well designed, well thought out informative piece. The video below and the interactive website for “The Fallen of World War II” is one of those pieces. Designed and animated by  Neil Halloran, this data visualization breaks down military and civilian casualties in the 6 year conflict and compares them to other military conflicts past and present. The information is presented in a straightforward fact driven way, that hooks the viewer and draws them in. Especially when you see the numbers in comparison to each country, and presented on the timeline. The interactive site, has a ticket price for admission. The recommended price is $2.50, and is completely worth the experience if you are into history, numbers, and data. The animated documentary runs just under 20 minutes, but is really worth watching. It’s a great lesson on the human cost of war, and mans inhumanity to man. It also points out some very interesting facts about who is fighting with whom since World War II ended.