The Nature of Louis XIII.

When your Remy Martin, and your Louis XIII cognac costs around $3500.00 a bottle, you can afford to pull out the big boy budget for your next ad. This spot for was produced for Fred & Farid for Remy Martin, and trust me it probably cost a small fortune to produce. You have a big name star, a ton of VFX and post work happening here, and an end product that is top notch. Now go out and buy a bottle of Louis XIII so Remy Martin can pay for this.

Agency: Fred & Farid
Production: Moonwalk
Producer : Gaspard Chevance
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Director of Production: Fabrice Damolini
Studio VFX : Benoît Holl
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Allender
VFX Production: Christophe Huchet
CG: Thomas Mouraille
Modeling: Sébastien Haure, Kadeg Boucher
Tracking: Peanut
Rotoscope: Florian Sanchez
Compositing: Sergeï Lourié, Jeanne Loyer, Loïc Caer
Lighting: Thibaud Floutier
General: Corentin Provost, Rida Simmou, Guillaume Gaussuron
Matte Painting: Thomas Mouraille, Benjamin Bardou
After Effects: Quentin Letout, Maxime Cordier
Etalonnage: Magali Léonard
Coordination VFX: Nicolas Huguet
Datalab: Nicolas Daniel, Jean­Martin Mossu, Léa Latassa, Pauline Royo, Elodie Doudoux