Paper Rainbows. The GF Smith Show Space.


One more reason to take a trip to London in 2017. World renowned paper manufacturer GF Smith has opened  “Show Space” in London, which along with being a store front, features a gallery that is filled with an installation of colorful paper rolls. Housed across two floors in a building just off Oxford Street, the multipurpose GF Smith Paper Show Space will provide a place to meet consultants, act as an event and exhibition venue, and offer an immersive insight into the company’s products and history.

The concept and creative direction for the 13,000 square foot space was developed by creative partner Made Thought, and designed in collaboration with architects d-raw. The concept is to showcase paper and keep it center stage, with a dark gray palette matched to one of the most popular Colorplan shades, and designed to provide the perfect backdrop for the visual and textural subtleties of GF Smith paper. At the heart of the GF Smith Paper Show Space, a 45-foot wall that presents every paper GF Smith has created or discovered, spanning every shade in the Colorplan range including some of the most precious, and technologically advanced unique papers from around the world.

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