Every Rise, Every Fall

I’m probably not going to watch any of the winter Olympics this year. I’m just not into it anymore and the live schedule is just nuts. I’m not tuning in at three in the morning to watch Curling teams duke it out on the ice in slow motion. Although Curling action can be quite riveting and is a definite draw for me.

OK, with all that said, there is a new spot from Uncommon London that is extremely creative and executed so well. The two-minute online spot “Every rise, every fall, every victory – we’re in it together” does a great job of capturing the essence of the games and how it relates to viewers around the world. How the games pull you in and captivate. This is the most Olympic action I’m going to see this year, and it was worth 2 minutes of my time just to see the construction guy acting out snowboard ariels.