About Me.

I am a graphic designer, film producer, type junkie, cool hunter, interested in everything, and I do mean everything. I try to post about the things that interest me. Usually things like art, design, technology, film, automotive, travel, photography, and much more. I currently reside in Kansas City, but thankfully travel takes me to parts unknown.



  1. Hi, my name is Kenn and I live in KC too. I’m always looking for local graphics and art people to meet and network with and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I currently attend Full Sail University for Graphic Design and found your blog through one of my classes. Your blog on Reid Miles and Blue Note was suggested reading material.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your site and just thought I’d say so!

  2. Really enjoy the blog, and I am not bored the least bit about the house. In fact would love to see more. Loving all things art and design and appreciate your take on it. Came across your carbon fiber cellos post via FB and found came across this blog. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. Greetings, I live in Napoleon, Ohio and was googling for photos taken on Flag Day here in town when I came across your blog mentioning Bob Heft. He died recently, but our community greatly benefited from his enthusiasm for the flag he designed and his dedication to making our community a better place. He served as mayor of Napoleon for several terms. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for mentioning some recent and true flag history! Our Elk’s Lodge holds an annual Flag Day Ceremony telling of the history of the flags our country has had. We’re proud that one of those flags was “born” here!

  4. hi there…

    someone sent me your post on fred bassetti. we just purchased a bassetti home on mercer island as well and are blogging about our DIY restoration. we are trying to stay true to the style. apparently fred is reading our blog through his friend jerry gropp, another NW architect. please check it out if you are interested. love your blog.


    1. Brandy thanks for the comments. I’m looking at your blog now. Beautiful house, and I love the location. I’m jealous of all the green. KAnsas City is being cooked to a crisp this summer.

  5. Bonjour Fellow Freaker Friend!

    We are freakin excited that you featured our link on your site! Thank you for all the love and support! With your help we successfully reached our funding goal on Kickstarter. YAY! Good news! We have launched a super sexy new website where you can find all of our videos (Renamed: giggle factory) and follow our Freak America Tour travelogue as we share Freakerlove through the great USA.
    If you want a grilled cheese party, just let us know! We are probably coming to freak a town near you! Nom nom nom!


    You are the wind beneath our wings…

    yay!!! and thank you!!!

    The Freakerteam

    This is a thank you poem-present from us to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLwW7ZDWn5Y

    1. Michael Smith, Bluestem, Story, Reiger, Starker’s Reserve, The American, or Justus in Smithville. All of these places are fantastic foodie locations.

  6. Hello there,

    It’s Dan Wood, creator of Kansas City Lights. Thanks for posting the video on your site. It’s much appreciated.


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