Man Make Fire, Man Cook Meat.

Summer means grilling steaks outside. I should clarify that. Summer means grilling steaks outside for me until it gets to damn hot. Then I retreat to the cool air-conditioned environment I’ve become accustomed to. The thing is, I like grilled steak. I just hate the idea of using an indoor smokeless grill. There is a solution though, SteakStones.


SteakStones are very good looking slab that is designed to make cooking the steak both entertaining and impart flavor to what ever you are grilling. Think of them as a portable teppanyaki table for your home. The Steakstone slab gets heated in the oven, and then retains it’s cooking heat for up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to prepare any number of meat or vegetable dishes on it. Sizes range from small for individual portions to extra large for grilling several steaks at once.

Star Spangled Spatulas.

Everyone needs a “Star Spangled Spatula” on the Fourth of July. What better way to say “Happy Birthday America” than charing Old Glory into a meaty beef patty.This also goes on my want list. I love the stainless steel and wood version. It just makes me feel all manly, and American. Man make fire, man grill meat, man salute flag.

Areaware is selling these American beauties in both stainless steel, and nylon. Designed by Jacob Riley-Wasserman who grew up in rural Greenwich, New Jersey, these spatulas reflect his large imagination which has been refined by advanced education from Rhode Island School of Design, and NYU.

“Hand fabricated by one of the oldest and most-respected cutlery manufacturer in the United States using energy harvested from Massachusetts’ Deerfield River, this spatula pays homage to the USA’s stars and stripes, as well as our country’s love affair with outdoor grilling. Crafted of solid walnut and stainless steel, the Star Spangled Spatula’s use of quality materials, along with its patriotic vernacular, make it a pop design classic. It is perfect for any backyard barbecue and will last a lifetime”.


Taco Republic Truck. Follow and Go Get Your Taco On.

Sometimes you go to lunch and you  get lunch. Other times you go to lunch and you get something you want to shout about. Today, I got the shout about lunch. I want to give a hat tip to Bread and Butter Concepts, Brad Gilmore, and the folks running the Taco Republic truck that is serving up tasty good street tacos around Kansas City.



If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to give them a shot. It’s seriously good. You can find out where the truck is going to be by following them on Twitter, and if you wait just a few more weeks you’ll be able to go to the physical restaurant they are opening in Mission at the corner of County Line Road and Mission Road, across from Oklahoma Joe’s.