Today’s Inspiration, the AIGA Medalists on YouTube.

I’m always on the lookout for design inspiration. It can come from anywhere, and take on many forms. I think it’s that always curious about learning new things, or looking for new ideas. One of the latest things that has sucked up a huge amount of my time is the AIGA Medalist playlist on YouTube. If you’re looking to be inspired, look no further. 44 videos averaging about 3 and a half minutes in length. The latest video is below. All 44 are at the link above.

Monday Inspiration. “Gerry”.

Don’t think of the video below in terms of firearms. I don’t care if you are for them or against them. That isn’t what this is about. The film below is a collaboration between Kessler Crane and The Delivery Men about the art and craft of hand engraving. Their goal was to capture the story and art form of engraver, Gerry Beathard, and they have done it. Through out the short film Beathard narrates how he became involved, why he does it, and where the satisfaction comes from. I think his words, are applicable to any profession. It’s all in the details.

Listen and Learn. John Lasseter’s Commencement Speech to CalArts 2014.

Back in the early to mid 1980’s CalArts was my college of choice. Unfortunately I had no scholarships, or financial aid to get me there after being accepted, so I went to art school elsewhere. I have no regrets, it hasn’t hampered my career or creativity in the slightest. At the end of the day, what you learn in college isn’t what you practice in your career of choice, and that is especially true in the ever shifting world of design and the visual arts.

The video below is John Lasseter’s commencement speech for the CalArts graduating class of 2014. It is presented to fresh faced, eager to start their career, wide-eyed graduates that will go on to create amazing works of art and design in ways we can’t even imagine yet. We have all been there. If someone had told me back then, that I would be working with the tools I have today, making the things I make, I probably would have laughed at them. Here is Lasseter’s words of wisdom on making the transition from student to pro, and staying inspired along the way. The first five minutes are introductions, just incase you want to skip to the core of the speech.

Friday Inspiration. Boro, The Fabric of Life.

Located in West Centeral France Domaine de Boisbuchet holds a summer exhibit related to design and architecture. This years show “The Fabric of Life” focused on Boro the art of traditional Japanese patchwork textiles. If you happen to be traveling to France, you can see the exhibit first hand through September 15th.

“The Fabric of Life” comprises approximately 50 pieces that is composed of a collection of ingeniously repaired futon covers, kimonos, work garments, and other hand made, household textiles. These items were created by Japanese peasants between 1850 and 1950 using leftover, indigo dyed cotton.







Living With, Friday Inspiration.

Living With” is a new short video series on Vimeo from Discipline. Last week the second episode arrived featuring architect Mario Bellini talking about his process. The first video also embedded below features Illustrator Liselotte Watkins. I really like this series so far. They are candid discussions with individuals that are passionate about their creative endeavors. Both have a really nice look to them, with solid editing, and nice use of natural light.

“LIVING WITH is the new project by Italian design brand Discipline telling the story of inspiring individuals and their incredible lives, through the eyes of Paul Barbera, renowned interiors photographer. Discipline is a young brand with a clear vision of what makes a house or a studio into a home, and wants to launch a new platform for sharing ideas and beautiful interiors with this project.”

It’s Friday, be inspired.

“The Chemistry of Inspiration”, an Infiniti Q50 shot on a Phantom Flex.

Auto manufacturers have boat loads of money for advertising and marketing. Those deep pockets pay off for the people that have the privilege to produce the visuals for them. The video below is for the new Infiniti Q50 premiere at Geneva Motor Show. Portions of it were shot on a Phantom Flex at ultra high frame rates and composited with additional footage and stills of the car. The post production work on this is outstanding with seamless blending of footage by Reepost and Cokau Lab, special effects by Flam & Co and high speed cinematography from Sublab. Here’s to them, and the wish that everyone gets to work on a big budget production like this in the future.


This video dropped on Vimeo about a month ago. If you haven’t watched it, take a few minutes. It’s a wonderful 8 minute short film about veteran back country skier Roger Strong’s avalanche accident that in many ways changed his life. Directed by Fitz Cahall, the film has a great look to it blending slow motion, and stop motion techniques with a very solid interview style. I love the look of the film, the editing and sound design are really solid. The message it delivers is inspiring, especially when you learn the extent of his injuries and what he has overcome. “We are all going to make mistakes. It’s truly learning from them that makes life really sweet.”

“Sunrise to Sunset” by Amy Stolzenbach
“Oh Canyon” by Fenster from the album Bones Morr Music

A Duct Tape Then Beer production
Directed by Fitz Cahall
Filmed by Bryan Smith, Nasa Koski, Dave Burdick and Austin Siadak
Written by Jen Altschul and Fitz Cahall
Edited by Austin Siadak
Sound and color by Nasa Koski