Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 12/31/2011

The Instagram 365 Project on Modular 4 has been brought to you by the letter C and the Number 2.9. The Letter C is the last image from the project. Number 2.9 is the fourth. It’s been fun and challenging for the last 365 days, and I have to say, I’m kind of glad it’s almost over. The next step is to compile all of the images into a printable book, and eBook for the iPad which should be done by Monday.

I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed posting. Happy New Year everyone!


The Instagram 365 Project. 12/27/2011

I’m down to the last 4 images that will be posted on Instagram, for this project. 2400 plus photos, with 365 being pulled specifically for this year long project. January 1 I’ll have a new page added to this blog with all the images posted to it. It’s kind of hard to believe I started this one year ago, this Sunday coming up.

The end of any project calls for a celebration. Celebrations call for Champagne… well in this case Prosecco.


The Instagram 365 Project. 12/11/2011

As the year winds down, I have begun gathering all of the images from this year long project. All 365 will be posted in a gallery on January 1, 2012.

Today’s image, number 345, is a portion of the ceiling from the Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Redemptorist Parish Catholic church at the corner of Linwood and Broadway in Kansas City. This small section of ceiling doesn’t do justice to the extraordinary beauty of the church interior.


The Instagram 365 Project. 11/18/2011

I’ve always loved the washed out fluorescent light above a billiard table. It is so flat and artificial, yet familiar.

This always reminds me of my friends rec-room as a kid. The tacky fake stained glass Budweiser lamp over the pool table, and all the other lights off in the room.

In my memory it’s always summer with the pool table light. It’s kind of like every early memory of childhood football. It is always the Chiefs against the Packers and it is always snowing. It’s like a blanket memory that covers all experiences.