Instagram 365 Project

The Instagram 365 Project. 09/25/2011

It probably seems as though I’m fixated on the new MINI coupe. I probably am a bit. I love my BMW 128i, but I miss my MINI.

After 7 years of driving a MINI every day, you come to appreciate the pure fun of the car. Driving the coupe yesterday brought all of that back. It’s not the most luxurious car on the road. It’s not the most technically advanced, or the most appointed, but it sure is a blast to drive.



The Instagram 365 Project. 09/19/2011

Since 1938 Dagwood’s had been serving up fine diner food in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. I took this today while scouting locations for a video shoot. The sign might not date to 1938, but the place is genuine.

73 years in the same place. Located on the Turkey Creek flood plane, Southwest Blvd, KCK, one of the oldest sections of the city…


The Instagram 365 Project. 08/28/2011

I haven’t been posting many of these Instagram 365 posts lately. I got quite a few emails saying “enough”, and I had to agree. The project had overpowered the main focus of my blog. None the less, I decided to post tonight, because the weekend was quite fabulous. My wife had her birthday which we celebrated at Michael Smith. And this Sunday, while filled with some chores was really quite lazy an pleasant with many hours on the back deck taking in the beautiful weather.



So Facebook Wants to be Instagram. Good Luck With That.

It comes as no surprise to me that Facebook has decided to create a photo application that uses photo filters like Instagram does. Instagram refused to sell to Facebook, so they decided to build their own. I’m sure with Facebook’s ginormous user base they will have no problem getting people to use the application, but they miss the point of what Instagram is.

It’s not about the photo filters that Instagram provides. Frankly I think most of the photo filters in Instagram kind of suck. Seriously out all that the application provides, I only use 3 of them on average, because the images that the others produce are just bad.  What makes Instagram such a solid Social Networking application is the user base, the support from others, the Twitter like ability to follow people with having them follow you, the lack of games, ads, or garbage that makes Facebook feel so lame these days.

According to the New York Times, Facebook is hoping to lure users away from Instagram and keep them tethered to Facebook via mobile handset.The Facebook application has been ready for a while now, but they want to add more editing options before releasing the finished product.

Getting people to switch is going to be tough for Facebook. Instagram already lets you post your photos directly to Facebook and Twitter, so direct integration isn’t really a key selling point for them. Most of the people I follow on Instagram edit photos in a completely different mobile application and then post them to Instagram via their photo library, so editing and filter options are big selling points either. The only real advantage is that Facebook is everywhere. For me this is also the biggest disadvantage to. I have pretty much stopped using Facebook because of the bloat, and the fact that the feed on the main page doesn’t meet my needs or interests anymore. I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

Good luck Facebook. I’m sure your application will be very successful, but don’t expect the loyal Instagramer’s to switch sides just because.

The Instagram 365 Project.

When I started this project back in January, I was hoping I would get more people interested in Instagram, and have more direct interaction with this personal project. What I have found is, minimal minimal interaction and interest across the board. Because of this, I’ve been posting fewer of these entries. It’s all good, I keep posting to Instagram daily. It’s not about the feedback or interaction, it’s about the doing. Tonight I am 8 and a half months into the project. What I have decided is… at the end of the year I am going to post a montage of all the images as both a video and a slide show. This image represents roughly the 3/4 point in the journey. This has been tough. Taking an image, posting an image, blogging about the post might seem easy enough… but life gets in the way…

Once again my awesome little guy, “Cosmo P Coltrane” the terror of tiny town.