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Friday Inspiration. “Josh Vogel”, by The Scout.

Here is a little Friday inspiration from The Scout. This is a 5 plus minute short film about Josh Vogel, a woodworker from Kingston, New York. This film is as much about who Josh Vogel is, as it is about his philosophy on the idea that turning wood is a reductive process that in essence is a step back in time. As the wood loses a layer, the years are taken away. This abstract idea is a constant that Josh is very aware whenever his chisel touches the bark and steady peels away the rings of time. The film has an absolutely wonderful look and pace to it. One that matches Vogel’s affect and demeanor so well.

Wednesday Inspiration. The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive.

I’m a huge user of online research. I am constantly searching the internet for inspiration, tips, training, and trends. Occasionally I come across a site that is a treasure trove of materials, and the Marcel Breuer Digital Archive is one of them.

Hosted by Syracuse University, the archive holds more than 30,000 drawings, photographs, letters and other materials related to the career of Marcel Breuer, one of the most influential architects and furniture designers of the twentieth century.

What I love about this site, is the depth of the archive itself. It gives you insight into Breuer’s thinking, process, and working style.

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All images are the property of Syracuse University Library.

Cone Mills + Roy’s Jeans = Monday Morning Eye Candy

Almost a year ago I posted a video by Self Edge titled “Roy’s Jeans“. The video by Kellen Dengler, is an inspiring piece that highlights the entire process of creating a hand crafted pair of jeans at the hands of Roy Slaper.

This is a follow up piece featuring Cone Mills who for the first time in 60 years is producing a Loomstate Unsanforized fabric for a client; Roy Slaper. I have no idea what “Loomstate Unsanforized Fabric” is, and that’s OK. I am more interested in the video, the way it was shot, edited, and the story that is being told here.

In the five minutes it takes to watch this video, there isn’t a single line of dialog, yet it conveys a compelling story about an American industry that for years has been on the ropes from international competition. The machines which are shot beautifully tell the story. The editing of the clips helps pull together something that feels absolutely magical. At just past the three and a half minute mark, there is a shot of a woman standing amongst the machinery, the look on her face says it all.

What a great little film.

Produced by Kiya Babzani:

Directed by Kellen Dengler:

The Vintage Racing Archives of Suzy Dietrich.

This has been making the auto enthusiast blog rounds for a couple days now, but I think it’s pretty cool so I am posting about it as well.

Last October Suzy Dietrich’s collection of mementos from her racing career were auctioned off to a private collector. With that sale, there was a distinct possibility that the films in the collection would be screened once and then sealed away hidden from the rest of the world.

Recently Cliff Reuter announced that he had won several of the film auctions and was digitizing the films for release on Etceterini.

The clip below is a small taste of what the archive holds. and there’s more to come in the near future. If you get a chance check his Suzy Dietrich video page on The other two clips are some additional racing eye candy for a Friday afternoon. Taken from the Digital LP: Fresh Moods/ Exhale, written & produced by Peter Haubfleisch.

Made by Hand 3, “The Bee Keeper”.

I’m not sure how I missed this but the third installment of “Made by Hand” dropped the other day. Once again we have a stunning short film from the Bureau of Common Goods about things we collect, consume, use, and share. These folks nail it every time with amazing cinematography, editing, post work, and story telling.

Local farmer Megan Paska has witnessed beekeeping as it morphed from an illegal (and possibly crazy) habit to a sustainable, community-supported skill. Mirroring beekeeping’s own ascendance, she found more than just a living: “This is the first time in my life when I’ve just felt absolutely on the right path.”

director-producer KEEF
director of photography JOSHUA KRASZEWSKI
title design MANDY BROWN
sound recordist ROBERT ALBRECHT
re-recording mixer NICHOLAS MONTGOMERY
assistant re-recording mixer JOHN GUMAER

The Filmmaker’s Guide to The Interweb. Illustrated by Geffen Refaeli.

I’m on a bit of animation kick this afternoon. I was digging around looking for some illustration inspiration on Geffen Refaeli‘s website and came across this piece she worked on for filmDYI. It has a really nice look to it. Simple animation, with a pop-up book look. Refaeli’s illustrations look great, the storyline is funny, and it delivers it’s message the way an ad should. Kudos to Hadar Landsberg. His animation lets Refaeli’s sing with out over powering them, and to Rafi Shor for some humorous writing.

Written & Directed by: Rafi Shor.
Art & Illustration by: Geffen Refaeli.
Animation: Hadar Landsberg.
Music: Omer Mor.

The Story of Sushi, Four Story Tree House.

I am being blown away every day by a new piece of work that is being done by someone combining stop motion animation, live action footage, and DSLR shooting techniques.

“The Story of Sushi” created by Four Story Tree house for Bamboo Sushi is no exception to this. “The Story of Sushi” is a short film that explains the inefficiency of today’s commercial fishing system, and fishing market. Rather than an “In Your Face” approach with loads of charts, and disturbing images, Four Story Tree House  approached this subject with simple scenes, miniature models, beautiful lighting and photography. It takes a subtle and more toned down approach to a controversial subject that is usually delivered with a heavy hand.

In his original plan Joe Sabia planned to shoot the video having the scenes scroll by on a conveyer belt. This approach was changed for a more intimate view and close in approach, which adds a sense of intimacy to the subjects and the story line. It draws the viewer in, and lets them become closer to the visuals as they are presented.

I think this is a fantastic piece of work. Great visuals, editing, storyline, narration, and score all coming together to complete the work.


Set Design and Visuals by Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber []
Narrated by Jim Donaldson []
Executive produced, written, edited by Joe Sabia []
Directed and photographed by Vincent Peone []
Original Score by Michael Thurber []
w/ AJ Nilles on strings
Sound Design, Music Recording/Mixing by Matt McCorkle []
Assistant Camera Andrew Brinkman
Gaffer Cory Fontana
Color by Gloo Studios and Prime Focus NYC