Motion Graphics

Fine Living, Animated by BDA and Studio Hansa.

When BDA Creative won the pitch to develop the rebrand for the factual lifestyle channel Fine Living, they had strict budgetary constraints. The result is a series of idents that are totally CGI. By going with full CGI instead of shooting live in a multitude of locations they were able to develop  smartly designed spaces that could be international and aspirational.

Working with London’s Studio Hansa, BDA used distinct colors that reflect the five key areas of interest that Fine Living embodies. Red for Cuisine, yellow for Well-being, blue for Travel, pink for Style and green for Home. Each ident focuses attention on both the Fine Living logo as well as the animated components that reinforce the brand and place them squarely at the center of the Fine Living universe. The result is a series of fluid animations where it is hard to believe that everything in each shot is an animated 3D model. This is really nice work from both teams.


AIG and All The Blacks

This is what happens when you put a top notch designer and animator together. They create a visual feast for your eyes. The video below features the design work of Penny Dombroski, and the skilled animation of  Tom McCarten. Through well timed animation cycles, clean simple graphics, and a well written script, the two of them manage to take what could be a fairly boring topic; (AIG Financial restructuring and sponsoring a rugby team), and make it into something you might actually want to watch to the very end. Really, really nice work.

SVA Seniors Show Off Their Skills.

If you have the time and are interested, the SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio screening for the 2014 SVA Motion Graphics seniors is below. It’s 40 minutes of animated goodness and shows the talent that is graduating this year. The total of the work shows a diversity of styles and techniques as well as emerging trends in the field. I’ve been watching it in small bits over the course of the day. Like I’ve said before, it’s a good time to be a design student. The work these kids are putting out is top notch, thanks to the tools and training at hand.



Do We Really Want Robot-Bees?

This is a great new spot for Greenpeace produced by Polynoid and Woodblock. It brings attention to the problem of collapsing honey bee colonies in what you think is a pure sci-fi fantasy, until the end of the spot. There is a call to action for the viewer to Google “Robot Bees”. The results are going to surprise you. This followed by a simple question and a link to the website. This spot is filled with high production value CGI work that is blended with live action footage. It features a really great storyline that leads to an almost unbelievable reality that robo bees are closer than we think.

You can sign the SaveTheBees petition here.

Greenpeace: “If we carry on with chemically intensive agriculture model, it is quite possible we may affect our pollinating insects to such a degree that we reach a global “pollination crisis”. This is the imaginary future we do not want. This future where bees and the biodiversity they help maintain, have finally fallen victim to chemically intensive industrial agriculture.”

Bang Bang. Motion Design meets Dance.

This is a fun way to start your week. A nice little student piece from Savannah College of Art and Design student Chelsea Jones. It combines dance, animation, post production, and most of all flawless timing to execute. There are two videos below. The first is the finished piece, the second is the making of. Chelsea doesn’t say how long she practiced until she got the timing perfect, but I have a feeling it was quite a while. The final result was worth all the effort.

Al Boardman Animates the Oscars Special Opener for Charlie Rose.

With the Oscars taking place a couple of nights back, the buzz surrounding the event and the movies is still fresh. For Charlie Rose ‘Oscars Special’,   was asked to produce the animated opening sequence. The one minute animated intro sequence features 8 Oscar nominated films with actors and directors that had previously appeared on the Charlie Rose show. The piece originally aired on PBS on 27th February 2014 a few nights before the Academy Awards event, and the look Boardman created for it is great. Capitalizing on the flat design look that is so popular right now Boardman captures the essence of the films with fluid transitions, smooth animation, and solid sound design supporting each sequence.

So You Think You Know What Brings a Brand to Life?

Just because you added brand development, branding, brand creation, brand management, to your skills section of LinkedIn doesn’t mean you do. You might have helped a team, attended a few meetings, or been lightly involved in some brand initiative  but being an expert at branding is a very complex skill, because branding in an extremely complex thing.

For his thesis project at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, motion and graphic designer Henning Herholz has created a six-minute essay that is a thorough and well executed overview of what branding is. He makes a very thoughtful point on why motion design is such a powerful tool in making a brand successful. Even if you think you are an expert on branding, this is worth watching because of the way it explains things in a clear concise way. After you finish the six minute short, you can feel better about your LinkedIn skills claims about branding.