Postaday 2011

I’m posting every day in 2011 on Wordpress.

The ArtRage Motor Sports Series Number 10.

Here we have the tenth in the series. The 1955 Mercedes Benz W196 Monoposto Formula One Car. I’m stopping the series at the end of December so I’ll probably only get two more completed before then. I have an Alfa in the works, and the infamous 1975 Brabham  Martini Formula 1 car.

American Express Augmented Reality Talking Gift Tags

Since I work for a company that produces augmented reality stuff, I am always on the look out for new augmented reality things. This year, Christmas seems to be crawling with QR code, and augmented reality digital add-ons to physical products. One cleaver use of augmented reality, and one that I wish my company had done (and would have done much better) is “Talking Tags” from American Express by Ogilvy Sydney.

Talking Tags is a direct marketing campaign where every American Express card holder was sent a “Talking Tag” that drove them to an Augmented Reality experience online.

I’m not crazy about the quality of the animation, or the editorial, but the idea is great.

The Ramp of Death.

Living at Modular 4 is actually a pretty amazing experience. I have very few complaints about the house, but there are a few things that just leave me baffled.

I don’t get how they designed the house with no overhang above a front door that sits on the North East side of the house. When there is weather of any kind you are standing in it as you try and unlock the door. I don’t get the recessed lighting above the sliding glass doors. You have to remove the siding to change the bulbs in them, and the fixtures used were cheap interior florescent under cabinet lights.

Then there is the ramp to the front of the house. This one I get and don’t get. I get that it look beautiful, and is an aesthetically pleasing entry into the house. I get that by not putting a railing on it, it looks cleaner and doesn’t detract from the house. I get that it meets code for wheel chair access, which was probably required since the home was partially state funded. I don’t get the fact that it is located on the North side of the house and never sees the sun. Because of this, it takes forever to dry after it rains. Frost never melts before the afternoon. And like this morning, it was covered in a thin coat of black ice that made for a morning in the ER.Yes Kristy slipped and fell, just like I did last year, and the previous owner did 3 years ago. Like the UPS guy did 2 years ago. I think you see where I am going with this.

Looks great, functions horridly. It is one of those things where design trumped function and the result is less than ideal. I don’t want to change the house. I like the way it looks, and I love the graceful line the ramp creates running to the front door. This means I am going to have to get creative.

Step one… buy a heated rubber mat that melts up to 2 inches of falling snow an hour. I’m talking about a HeatTrak mat that can be rolled out in bad weather and rolled up and put away in the Spring and Summer. We’re talking about a $1500.00 investment, but it beats a major law suit, or permanently crippling injury. It isn’t pretty, but it works, and according to the manufacturer, it costs around .60 cents a day to run.

Thanks Time Warner Cable.

I won’t be posting today, since Time Warner Cable’s Internet service is down. It’s not that I can’t post, I just find it hard doing so from my phone.

After a total of an hour on the phone with tech support/customer service this is what I can tell you:

• Time Warner Cable is the worst ISP in America.
• Time Warner Cable Customer Service is one of the worst I have ever dealt with.
• Time Warner Cable is a ripoff. I’m paying for a service that functions at speeds slightly better than dial up more than 50 percent of the time.
• Time Warner Cable’s customer service rep lied to me about when a tech could make it to my house to fix the problem.
• That lie cost me a $1500.00 job. Time Warner’s “Give a Rip” factor is non existent about this.
• My Internet has been out for 24 hours now. Time Warner Cable won’t offer any compensation for the outage, money lost, inconvenience, and don’t seem to care that they are going to lose me and all my neighbors to Google Fiber when it rolls out in the spring.

The ArtRage Motor Sports Series Number 9.

As I go through the process of creating these images, I’m struggling between two styles. Loose and painterly, vs tight and controlled with a ton of detail. I have to admit, I like the looser, more painterly look, but I’m also drawn to the accuracy and detail of the other… I need to find a middle ground. This illustration of a late 1950’s Porsche Spider might be a start. Only time and practice will tell.


IdeaWorks Christmas, an Audrino and Flash Based Streaming Experience.

The end of the year is usually a slower time for agencies. As the year winds down, it leaves a little bit of free time for folks to promote the company, have a little fun and show off their collective skills.

IdeaWorks in Sydney Austrailia, has done just that with a live streaming interactive Christmas display. The display uses live streaming servers combined with decorations that have been rigged up with audrino boards, and tied to a Flash based interface. The result is pretty fun. If you don’t want to actually play with the site, you can watch the video below.

I recommend clicking this link though, and having a little fun. IdeaWorks Christmas.

Adidas Football: DFB Campaign. “Schneller Ins Trikot”.

I don’t speak German, but it really isn’t important when you watch this TV spot for Adidas. The plot is simple, the ad runs back to the beginning showing all the hard work that goes into making the team, and winning the game.

There are a couple of things that I really love about this spot. I like the fact that it plays in reverse. I know it’s a gimmick, but it works here. It helps sell the story. I love the way this is shot. The whole piece has such a great atmospheric quality. Great lighting, slightly desaturated color, shallow depth of field appropriately used through out the piece without dominating it… Through the commercial there is careful placement of the Adidas logo, but it never detracts from the main subject which is the emerging football star. Instead the logo reinforces his growth into becoming a star.

I tried to find info on the production company behind the spot but came up empty handed. If I get a hold of any additional info, I’ll update this post.