Social Gaming

Scrabble Fans, Check This Out! “Twitter Scrabble”!

Anyone that plays Scrabble or Words with Friends will love this promotion for the new Scrabble Trickster game from Mattel.

To promote the new game, Mattel teamed up with Duval Guillaume Modem to create Twitter Scrabble, which functions as a social way to promote the game via Twitter. Twitter Scrabble is simple, you arrange letters to form a tweet with the highest score possible, and post it. When you are done you are entered into the daily contest to win a copy of  Scrabble Trickster.

The cool thing about this promotion is the fact that it will probably survive long after the promotion for the game is over. It is a simple idea with deep hooks into the game playing psyche, and the scrabble fan base.

Nice To Meet You. A Social Construction Site.

In Hornstull, Sweden, Bonnier Properties is building a new shopping center with the noise and mess that usually goes with major construction. In order to soften the impact of the construction on the surrounding neighborhoods and people, Bonnier has developed an interactive art installation with hooks to social networks.

In a construction tunnel they installed projectors, speakers and kinect sensors that created a virtual, interactive forest. The sensors registered the people passing by the projection surfaces, which made the forest grow and change over time. If you stopped and interacted directly with the kinect inputs your actions were passed directly to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which acted as in-points  to the forest which help create additional content.

The KLM Passport Application for your Smartphone.

Over the last twelve to eighteen months, KLM airlines have really increased their digital marketing presence by embracing social media, web applications, and apps for mobile and tablet devices. All of their campaigns have been hooked directly back to the experience of using KLM for your travel and have been linked directly to the global brand experience.

The KLM Passport App, is a really solid branded app that turns people’s journeys into inspiring scrapbooks and movies that can be shared with friends and family directly and via social networks. When you are using the application you can choose a theme, select your favorite photos and videos, GEO tag content and build out a personalised holiday movie all hosted inside of a KLM passport.

This is a really simple idea with relevant impact across their brand space, because it is tied directly to the experience of traveling with KLM.


“Deck the Screens” deeplocal’s Holiday App.

Since Christmas is just two weeks away I thought I would post a little holiday cheer for this Monday morning.

“Deck the Screens” is a holiday application that works across any internet connected device, Smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. The application works by letting you string Christmas lights across the devices where they blink on and off in sequence. A simple but very fun little concept from deeplocal.

So, gather up all the people around you and set up a little Christmas light show.