2010 World Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup Beer Posters.

With all this World Cup stuff going on, there is a ton of great World Cup related design popping up on the web these days. For example this wonderful series of posters created for the 16 qualifying teams, brought to you by Moxy Creative. I love these, simple graphics with a great color pallet. A slightly distressed look to the backgrounds, and limited editorial that commemorates the event. The posters are available on Moxy’s website $25.00


Charis Tsevis Amazing 2010 World Cup Posters.

In just eight short weeks, the World Cup kicks off in South Africa. This marks the first time that the worlds greatest and most watched sporting event is being held on the African continent. The World Cup not only highlights this international sporting event, but this time it is helping to expose South African, heritage, culture and art.

To celebrate this event Greek graphic designer Charis Tsevis has created a series of stunning posters. This personal project was heavily influenced by traditional African fabric patterns as well as contemporary football culture. These posters represent Tsevis personal journey and exploration of Africa’s history and traditions. Tsevis was heavily influenced by his  South African experience, and felt that his journey there was an endless lesson into South Africa’s history and rich cultural traditions. According to Tsevis, “South Africa is one of the most beautiful and most vivid places I have ever seen. The country is amazing and rich of cultures and history. I am going to return to visit it soon.“

I think these posters are absolutely stunning. They are a fantastic example of the blending of cultural influences, and a great example of where modern technology meets traditional art. The posters were designed using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Synthetic Studio and Quicktime Pro. The complete poster set is on Flickr here.