2D Animation

Mill+ and Phillip Stein Watches.

The video below was produced by Mill+ for Phillip Stein watches and bracelets. Directed by Ivo Sousa and Kwok Fung Lam, this is a breath of fresh air that takes the overused “Sketch Book” metaphor in new a new direction. The look was created by drawing each sketch by hand on paper in order to keep the aesthetic of classic draughtsmanship. Each Sketch was scanned and animated to create a a time lapse of the finished hand drawn page. The drawings were animated using After Effects where typography, ink blots and other effects were added in. The finished result is a nice blend of 3D, and 2D animation, with hand drawn elements, and solid post work to tie it all together.

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
VFX Producer: Luiza Cruz-Flade, Niamh O’Donohoe
Animation Director: Ivo Suozo, Kwok Fung Lam
3D Artists: Anthony Fieldsend, Stephanie Dewhirst
2D Artists: Kwok Fung Lam, Ivo Sousa, Diogo Pinheiro
Design and Illustration Artists: Kwok Fung Lam, Ivo Sousa, Hilary Kennedy, Freya Barnsley, Rachel Bungey
Typography: Alexandra T. Pelham
Sound Design: Brains & Hunch



“The Missing Scarf”

This morning I found a link to something in my inbox that put a smile on my face. A new animated short by  titled “The Missing Scarf”, winner of more film festival awards than you can shake a stick at and with good reason. Written, animated, and directed by Duffy, the animated piece follows the search for a missing scarf by our hero Albert the squirrel. It’s a great blend of 2D and 3D animation that features George Takei doing the narration is a dark comedy wrapped in the premise of a children’s story. The look of this is so nice. Mostly flat with only the squirrel rendered as a low polly count 3D object. The musical score really works to enhance the over all feel of the piece, and Takei’s narration is spectacular. This is worth the 6 minutes it takes to watch, and hopefully will put a smile on your face this Monday morning as well.

“The first was an emotional display of the event; while “The Missing Scarf” dealt with the aftermath: Primarily the seeming amplification of everyday fears – fear of the unknown, failure, rejection and finally death. The film’s script mirrors my internal debate on the subject – comparing the pros and cons of each, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.”

Narrator: George Takei
Writer / Animator / Director: Eoin Duffy
Producer: Jamie Hogan
Script Editor: Richard Duffy
Music Company: Echolab
Composer: Tobias Norberg, Gavin Little (Echolab)
Sound Designers: Gavin Little, Joe McHugh (Echolab)
Post Production: Windmill Lane
Legal: Gordon Judge
Accounting: Stephen Proctor
Funders Representatives –
Emma Scott: Production Executive for the Irish Film Board
Pauline McNamara: Executive Producer – RTE
Fionnuala Sweeney: Film Specialist – Arts Council
Jill McGregor: Schemes & Applications Co-ordinator for the Irish Film Board

The Beatles – Rock Band is WOW.

 has created an absolutely amazing 3 minute cinematic opening of the Beatles for the game RockBand. It features a nice blend of 2D and 3D animations, killer sound design, and a montage of Beatles songs. The look is so solid on this it left me seriously wanting to see about 30 minutes more. Turn on HD and watch it full screen.