3D technology.

Unity Gaming Engine’s “Adam”.

Modern film making is less than 100 years old. Think about this, the first movie with synced sound is 89 years old. The first feature length color motion picture dates to 1914. In 102 years the industry has seen massive changes in technology and the way film making is created. Looking to the future you have to think about how gaming works, realistic images get rendered on screen in real-time with real world dynamics.

Recently Unity showed a demo of what the future might hold for the film industry. Not all of it, but definitely some of it. Using just $3000.00 of hardware, running Unity’s gaming engine, they rendered out the video below to a live audience in real-time. The quality is pretty damn amazing especially when you think back to what gaming was like just ten years ago.

Unity’s film The is ADAM, and it’s a multi-part series to be released over the course of the next few months. Each segment is being developed to test each beta release of the Unity gaming engine and additional features, quality, and improved render capabilities. It is all part of a way to demo the new Unity 5.4 and the cinematic sequencer currently being developed, along with an experiments in implementing of real-time believable volumetric area lighting. The Unity demo shows off the physics simulation tool CaronteFX and the quality of the natural physics it produces.

Pretty impressive stuff. The full length short will be shown at Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam.

Hot Wheels Skull Racer Projection Mapping.

I tell ya, in the last year projection mapping has just exploded. I mean it seems to be everywhere these days. If I were advertising a product launch or event, I would be all over this stuff.

Muse Amsterdam teamed up with Mattel/Hot Wheels  for a secret race with the Skull Racers destroying the Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney Australia and deploying a crazy looking race track in the process. The 3D Projection Mapping event for Hot Wheels lasts just over 3 minutes, and uses some amazing depth treatments to enhance the overall effect. That combined with some of the usual water techniques, building fires and wall explosions make this a really nice projection mapping piece.