A Capsule of Memorabilia

If you are lucky enough to be in Italy this week you might want to take a train to Milan to check out the 2017 Milan Design Week. And if you do happen to stop in at Milan Design Week, be sure and check out the Capsule of Memorabilia from 3M and designer Patricia Urquiola. Based on the photos, it looks pretty spectacular.

Based on the belief that behind every memory, there is a story, and behind every story, there is a memory worth protecting, “A Capsule of Memorabilia” will give designers, creative professionals and thought leaders an experience of protecting memories into the future through a blend of architecture, design and innovative use of materials. 3M Design partnered with Studio Urquiola to bring the protection of memories to life using 3M’s Novec products which are designed to help protect, clean, preserve and cool products in smart, safe and sustainable ways.

Visitors will experience a one-of-a-kind photo booth where they can take photos with friends and colleagues using the components of a camera submerged in Novec fluid. The photos will appear on a screen that is protected by Novec, and then visitors will be given the opportunity to preserve the image and share it digitally through social media.

“It is exciting to be at Milan Design Week to share the magic of 3M material sciences to celebrate design and explore innovative possibilities that make people’s lives better,” said Eric Quint, chief design officer at 3M. “We have partnered with Studio Urquiola for this installation and together explored what’s possible through material science – reminding the world of the importance of protecting our collective memories.”

The inspiration behind the installation is the critical nature of ensuring that our memorabilia, whether physical or digital, will live on into the future – from precious artifacts and irreplaceable works of art, to books in a library that are historical and unique, and data centers across the globe managing the communication and storage, of all the digital artifacts that make up life’s special moments. 3M Novec is the featured material utilized throughout the installation, helping to provide the peace of mind that our collective memories are secured and live on into the future.

“The qualities of the Novec products are fascinating and triggered our collaboration to express a bigger story in an experiential way,” said Patricia Urquiola, founder of Studio Urquiola. “The collaboration with 3M Design was inspiring because we shared similar values and a vision about how design and architecture can amplify the qualities of magic materials, and in this case how they can protect our memories in to the future.”

The “Capsule of Memorabilia” exhibit is located at the Central Plaza of SuperStudio and will be open through April, 9.


Anthroposts. The Anthropology of Post-It Notes.

My younger brother is an anthropologist so I am dedicating this post to him.

The ultimate destiny for a post-it note is the trash bin. It is part of the inevitable cycle of the small paper reminder, note, name, number, cheat sheet, or doodle. The humble post-it note is ephemeral by design. There is however, someone who is collecting them, archiving them, and cataloging found post-its.


Anthroposts is a cool little website that gathers up found post-it notes and organizes them by their color, use of common words and the complexity of the note itself. When the notes are organized by common words, the site shows a visual interconnection of how the notes are related. The site features a soundtrack of all their where the notes are read out loud and combined with background noise and music.

Each note is clickable so that you can see it full size and experience the original handwriting, doodles, and notes in vivid detail.


Anaconda Bus Crush. ( I just like the way that sounds )

With all the advances that have been made in  decal wraps for vehicles over the last 10 years, I am surprised we don’t see more of this kind of stuff.

This is a really nice ad for the Copenhagen Zoo, executed by Packsaddeled Y&R under the art direction of Peder Schack. This is such a great use of full bus graphics, and in the photos it really has a dimensional quality to it. I bet this looks even better at night.