4K Video

Venice in 4k

Every time I turn around I’m seeing a visually impressive video that was shot on a small consumer grade camera. The video below was shot on the Panasonic LUMIX LX100 in 4k. It looks pretty amazing, and it sounds like the only post work was usin Premiers Warp Stabilizer on the hand held shots. This camera is small enough to be pocketable, has interchangeable lenses, and delivers some seriously high quality 4k video. Otabek Djuraev’s short film makes me want go back to Italy today and take the LX100 as my travel camera. Since the LUMIX accepts all of my Olympus 4/3 mount lenses, this might be a serious contender as a second camera for travel.

“Made to be Seen”. in 4K Resolution.

 is a videographer that works for acompany called Roadtrippers.com that has given him the opportunity to travel and film nature at it’s finest. The five minute video below is his demo reel of 4K footage that he has shot over the last two years. The footage is absolutely breathtaking, and if you can watch it on the biggest screen possible with the sound turned up. For more info on the film, click through to Vimeo where there is more info and links to his other sites.

These Will Take Your Breath Away.

If you have a 4K monitor, I suggest you watch the two videos below on it. If not at least watch them full screen on the highest definition monitor you have like your computer screen. Why because the detail, and color depth of these two time lapse films from   will blow you away. Oh you might want to check your bank account for any extra cash, because after you watch these you are going to want to go to New Zealand. These are absolutely beautiful.