8 Bit

The Addictive Plasticine Rhythm.

Here is two plus minutes of infectious stop motion animation and 8 bit audio overload for a Monday morning. Along with “Plasticine Rhythm” there is a making of video where  the brains and creative magic behind this walks you through how to make your own stop motion animated short. Both are pretty fun to watch and neither is long enough to suck away your entire day. If you are at work tell your boss the second video is training, and you need to watch it to improve your skills, and develop your career.

8-Bit Samba Loop.

Another great animation find for today. This little video just makes me smile. This is a where something deceptively simple, is actually a rather complex piece of animation that is timed so well to the 8-bit synth soundtrack. I love the vector illustrations and the bright summer color. It’s just happy, how could you not smile while watching this.

Mad Men, The 8-Bit YouTube Game.

If you are a Mad Men fan, you know that last night marked the return of the highly acclaimed series after a year off. The show debuted with a two hour show, that kicked the season off in true Mad Men fashion.

To help promote the return of the series, have developed a YouTube based advergame for AMC. “Choose Your Own Adventure” is an 8-Bit game where you play Don Draper helping to rescue the agency after Lucky Strike betrays Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. At the end of each level you choose the path you want to take to play the game out. There are 40 videos that play out three different endings depending on your choices.

The game is less than a week old, and it has already generated more than 370,000 plays. The concept is fun and engaging, and the 8-Bit feel gives it a strange retro feel, that is oddly compelling.

Lego Letterpress.

I have been on this Lego kick lately. Maybe it has something to do with Christmas time and I always got Lego as a gift at Christmas as a kid. Who knows, either way this is pretty impressive. Lego Letterpress from Physical Fiction. I love the finished prints, but the set up shots are cool as well. I love how these have a distinct 8-bit feel to them and how they are completely analog at the same time.

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Shawn Smith’s Pixelated View of Reality.

These images have been circulating around the internet for a few days now, but I felt compelled to post something about them this morning. Probably because !’d really like to see these in person, I have a feeling that the actual sculptures are even more dynamic in real life. The ironic thing about this post is, you are looking at image of sculpture, based on pixelated images of nature, on a display that is made up of millions of pixels.

Artist Shawn Smith, has created a series of sculptures based on the intersection between reality and the ever-present digital world that surrounds our lives. According to his artist statement he is specifically interested in how we perceive nature through technology. His works are based on the pixilation of images as they are seen via a computer screen, and then realized through a three-dimensional representation of those pixels. (“Voxels” if we want to get all technically correct in our terminologies.) Smith works with plywood or MDF cubes cut into various lengths. Each strip is hand dyed, and painted before being assembled into the sculptural piece.

Smith’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in France. Smith currently resides in Austin, Texas and is represented by Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas and d. berman gallery in Austin.