A Design Film Festival 2011

A Design Film Festival 2011, Opening Titles by Sebastian Lange.

A Design Film Festival” was concieved by Anonymous in 2010 as a film festival dedicated completely to the art and science of design. The festival launched last year in Singapore, and has since traveled the world to other locals like Berlin, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Bangkok.

The content of the annual festival is a celebration of films dedicated to design, architecture, fashion, photography, technology, and all things design.

I really love the opening title sequence shown below. Direction & Motion Design is by Sebastian Lange, and he does a masterful job of combining projection, live action, and motion graphic design to create a unique look for the opening titles. If you have the bandwidth click through to Vimeo and watch it full screen.

Direction & Motion Design: Sebastian Lange
Sound Design: Sebastian Lange
End Track: «Coda» by The Do

Projection on painted styrofoam letters

Shot at qu-int.com on Canon 7D and
Nikon 50mm f/1.2

Editing and Compositing done in After Effects and Final Cut Pro (not Final Cut Pro X)