A Next Generation Immersive Ad from Cooliris and InMobi.

Since there introduction, I have seen some pretty cool iAds released for the iPhone and iPad. Ads that tell stories, link to deep dive microsites, allow you to play games, etc. This new iAd from Cooliris and InMobi is designed and built to deliver a shorter, sharper, more immersive 3D experience advertisement. This seems to me to be far more effective than some of the big budget, rich experience ads we’ve seen shown off by Apple so far. (like the toy story example)

I really like the fact that this ad can utilise the accelerometer before being expanded by an end user clicking on it. This allows you to develop some serious attention getting mechanics while the end user is looking at what ever is on a specific page. The potential for this is huge, depending on the product you are advertising. I’m really curious to see what kind of click through results they are getting with this, and I’m even more curious to see how many more ads like this we are going to see.