Adidas Design Studio

This Is the Way You Recruit A Design Staff. Adidas Design Studio.

If you are a company that is about design, and you want to recruit the best designers to work for you what do you do? You do what Adidas did and you create one of the best online recruiting sites I have seen in a long time.

The Adidas Design Studio nails it on the home page with video testimonials, and a simple paragraph of copy that spells out their mission.

United by passion we go all in. We believe in the potential of what people can achieve. We believe in designing only the best. Design should be honest. Honest is elegant. Honest is timeless. Honest is courageous. Welcome to Design Careers at adidas.

The site is clean, elegant, easy to use, well designed, and passionate. It makes you want to work at Adidas which is the primary goal of the site. Simply recruit the best designers from around the world.

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