Adidas Interactive Store Front at the Nürnberg NEO Store.

I’ve seen a number of interactive shopping windows in the last few years, but this one from Adidas is a step in the right direction. The window has a fully integrated shopping path via your phone. The window doesn’t require a dedicated smartphone app, so it is platform agnostic allowing it to reach the greatest number of users. In addition to the shopping experience, the window is completely interactive letting customers browse clothing racks, examine individual garments,  interact with the virtual model by posing her and having her try on clothes.

The adidas Window Shopping experience was developed by adidas and TBWA Helsinki. if you happen to be in Nürnberg, swing by the NEO store at Breite Gasse 46 to see it and play with it live.

This Is the Way You Recruit A Design Staff. Adidas Design Studio.

If you are a company that is about design, and you want to recruit the best designers to work for you what do you do? You do what Adidas did and you create one of the best online recruiting sites I have seen in a long time.

The Adidas Design Studio nails it on the home page with video testimonials, and a simple paragraph of copy that spells out their mission.

United by passion we go all in. We believe in the potential of what people can achieve. We believe in designing only the best. Design should be honest. Honest is elegant. Honest is timeless. Honest is courageous. Welcome to Design Careers at adidas.

The site is clean, elegant, easy to use, well designed, and passionate. It makes you want to work at Adidas which is the primary goal of the site. Simply recruit the best designers from around the world.

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Adidas Football: DFB Campaign. “Schneller Ins Trikot”.

I don’t speak German, but it really isn’t important when you watch this TV spot for Adidas. The plot is simple, the ad runs back to the beginning showing all the hard work that goes into making the team, and winning the game.

There are a couple of things that I really love about this spot. I like the fact that it plays in reverse. I know it’s a gimmick, but it works here. It helps sell the story. I love the way this is shot. The whole piece has such a great atmospheric quality. Great lighting, slightly desaturated color, shallow depth of field appropriately used through out the piece without dominating it… Through the commercial there is careful placement of the Adidas logo, but it never detracts from the main subject which is the emerging football star. Instead the logo reinforces his growth into becoming a star.

I tried to find info on the production company behind the spot but came up empty handed. If I get a hold of any additional info, I’ll update this post.

Bend It Like Jabulani

If you have been watching any of the world cup action, you might have noticed that the Adidas designed ball for this years games seems to travel a bit farther and faster than others. According to Professor Derek Leinweber, who heads the School of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Adelaide in Australia, it is because Adidas “Grip and Groove” surface on the ball creates greater levels of turbulence around the ball. This increase results in longer flights, with greater amounts of spin. This increase in spin will also have some of the world best goalies on their toes due to the unpredictable way the ball moves in flight. The ball meets all FIFA regulations, although it is a relatively small and heavy ball. Because of this game play should be faster and harder.

“Players are also discovering new opportunities to move the ball in erratic ways, alarming the world’s best goalkeepers,” said Leinweber. “By the time the ball reaches the goalkeeper, the Jabulani will have swerved and dipped, arriving with more power and energy than the Teamgeist.”

This is the eleventh ball that Adidas has designed for the World Cup, and the name Jabulani means “To Celebrate” in Zulu.