Adobe Keynote

The Adobe Max Keynote Disaster.

Today marked day two of the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. I’m not sure how to describe the train wreck that was the keynote today. I thought I was going to be attending a two hour general session that highlighted the Adobe CS5 Master collection. A keynote with an equal focus on design tools as well as coding technologies that make all of this stuff go. What I was subjected to was an I’ll planned, horribly written, poorly acted, not very funny set of skits that were way to long and featured Adobe Staff. 

Programmers and Project Managers trying to be stand up comics is not a good mix people.

This could have been a great session, focusing on Adobe’s push into the interactive TV, and mobile spaces with their tools. Instead it was a two hour train wreck that people felt compelled to laugh at, because you felt sorry for all the participants. I did get some good information, and when I get back on Thursday I’ll write it all up and post about it. 

Unfortunately right now I just want to go back to my hotel room, close the curtains, curl up in a fetal position and try to wash the insanity I just witnessed from my mind.