Adobe MAX

Going to the MAX.

Well, it’s official. I’ll be speaking at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles sometime between October 3rd and the 5th. The dates aren’t set in stone yet but I am registered as a speaker, and my head shot has been uploaded to Adobe. If you are attending you can sign up for my session “Workflow for Motion Designers “, and I promise it won’t be as dull as the title makes it out to be. If you haven’t signed up yet, and you want to click here to go to the Adobe MAX website.

The description that I submitted to Adobe is below, and while the presentation will still focus on the same basic principals, I am going to punctuate the session with actual examples of files that were originally created for print, and brought to life with programs like After Effects, Premiere, Audition, and Flash.

“Workflow for Motion Designers

Developing a workflow that works for your company or department can be a challenge.
Working in an environment that uses a workflow designed for “Print” can be an even
bigger challenge for motion designers. This session will demonstrate how Hallmark is
developing a Motion Design workflow as we begin to develop more and more content
that has multiple uses (print, interactive, web, broadcast, mobile, etc.)

Using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, Flash, Sound Booth, and Media
Encoder, this session will show how to take files that originated for print and then
convert for distribution to the web, in mobile applications, google TV, and
broadcast, starting with HD source files and creating an author once, distribute

Using a single file, the focus will range from simple things like naming conventions,
to output modules to file creation. (story board to final art)

The Adobe Max Keynote Disaster.

Today marked day two of the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. I’m not sure how to describe the train wreck that was the keynote today. I thought I was going to be attending a two hour general session that highlighted the Adobe CS5 Master collection. A keynote with an equal focus on design tools as well as coding technologies that make all of this stuff go. What I was subjected to was an I’ll planned, horribly written, poorly acted, not very funny set of skits that were way to long and featured Adobe Staff. 

Programmers and Project Managers trying to be stand up comics is not a good mix people.

This could have been a great session, focusing on Adobe’s push into the interactive TV, and mobile spaces with their tools. Instead it was a two hour train wreck that people felt compelled to laugh at, because you felt sorry for all the participants. I did get some good information, and when I get back on Thursday I’ll write it all up and post about it. 

Unfortunately right now I just want to go back to my hotel room, close the curtains, curl up in a fetal position and try to wash the insanity I just witnessed from my mind.  

Adobe MAX, Keynote Highlights.

The first keynote at MAX focused on the future of content development and how it will be delivered. The talk was divided into 4 sections, multi screen, publishing, enterprise, and gaming. Below are some quick notes jotted down on my iPhone during the two hour kick off.

Connecting to the Internet via mobile will eclipse the PC by 2013.

Mobile bandwidth on 4G, WiMax and LTE will be greater than 50mbt per second surpassing traditional cable modem and WiFi speeds.

By the end of 2010, Flash will be deployed on over 1 million mobile devices.

Adobe has a new beta software tool named Edge. The demo looked like Dreamweaver with an After Effects timeline.

Edge outputs CSS3, HTML 5, and Java Script to control animation transitions, and content delivery. (it looked pretty bad ass)

Flash video use has grown by 130% year over year for the last 3.

The Flash developer base has grown by 50% in the last year.

70% of all games on the web are developed in Flash.

Adobe now has over 400 million installs of Air on the desktop.

Blackberry “Playbook’s” Ui is built on Air. It looks pretty Amazing.

Adobe Max, Day One.

I am in Los Angeles for the Adobe MAX conference for the next three days. Most of my posts from now until Wednesday, will probably focus on the conference. This is great for people that use Adobe software, and designers. Probably not so great for those that don’t. Sorry this is part of my job, so I am blogging about the conference.

First up this morning is the keynote session featuring Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch talking about the convergence of screens used to distribute content, how we create it, and how we interact with it. Should be interesting, with loads of live demos, and insights.