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The Twelve Cocktails of Christmas.

It’s Friday the thirteenth, and twelve days until Christmas. What better way to tell your superstitious fears to take a hike, than by having a cocktail! There are twelve cocktail recipes on the image below. Some are easy, some are a bit more involved. All of them are doable. All of them are tasty. So, Mix them up, drink them down, and have some holiday cheer.

Sorry about the image size. It’s fairly large so you can actually read the tiny type on it.

12 Cocktails


Southern Comfort, Shampoo.

As a follow up to “Whatever’s Comfortable”, Weiden + Kennedy have developed a new spot for Southern Comfort capitalizing on the original theme. “Shampoo” is a new TV spot featuring the Southern Comfort man in a hair salon, doing whatever’s comfortable. He’s not your typical hair salon customer, but he doesn’t care. The Southern Comfort man is comfortable, and his attitude says be yourself, be comfortable with who you are. Like the previous commercial Shampoo is fun, and subtle. It doesn’t oversell the product, but plays it up just enough to be effective and memorable.

Music is “The Beat” by Lou Johnon. Music was supervised by Andrew Charles Kahn at Good Ear.

The 12 Cocktails of Christmas 2010.

As the Christmas season got into full swing a few weeks back, one night while out at Happy Hour with friends Kristy coined the phrase “The Twelve Cocktails of Christmas”, and a new tradition was born.

At that point, using a couple of apps for the iPhone and my original drink menu from The Oak Bar, I decided to try twelve bourbon based drinks. One a day from December 12 to the 25th. (Yes I know that’s thirteen days.)

Below are the thirteen drinks I tried and recipes on how to make them. ( I went for a baker’s dozen ). With New Year’s Eve approaching, you can use this list as inspiration for your upcoming festivities.


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