A Little Weekend Project.

When you have a weekend that goes from 80 degrees for a high on Friday, to 35 and rainy on Sunday, you tend to stay at home. Stay at home blustery end of winter weekends lead to some time spent drawing and painting on the iPad with ArtRage. Yesterday and today I fleshed out and finished, something I started a couple months back for a freelance job that fell through.

I have to say, the more I use ArtRage on the iPad, the more it becomes my go to app for illustration/ digital painting. This ArtRage project originated as a pencil sketch, that was scanned and transferred to the iPad via Dropbox back in January.

The sketch was roughed in for color and layout approvals, which were given the green light by the client. The project was then killed about halfway through. After it was killed I shelved the project and actually forgot about it until this weekend. Over the last two days I spent about 16 hours finishing it out. Their loss, my gain.



A Virgin Painting.

One of my first design jobs was working for Gannett Outdoor, designing billboards. This was back in the early days of computer graphics, so in many cases the billboards were still painted by hand. The images and designs were posterized and painted out full size in a huge warehouse. I was always blown away when watching the crew paint these things. Especially the large billboards which were about 40 feet long. When I saw this time-lapse video on Vimeo today, it made me think about all the guys that I used to watch paint my design work in super-sized fashion. This paint job takes 4 days from start to finish. Frankly I think it is pretty damn impressive that  they can strip, prime and paint a 747 in just 4 days.