Åkestam Holst

IKEA Virtual Weddings.

OK this is just absolutely brilliant. Thanks to Swedish agency Akestam Holst you can now have a virtual wedding courtesy of IKEA. The new “Wedding Online” is a service where users can choose from a variety of locations, that have been decorated with IKEA products. Designed to showcase the latest and greatest trends from IKEA, the service works by having you connect via Facebook, and then live stream the event to your friends and family. The wedding is recorded and stored online so you can relive the memories again and again. This is absolutely brilliant, and pretty hilarious at the same time. Part of me wants to think this is a joke, but based on some of the amazing promotional stuff IKEA has been doing on the web and in social media lately, I’m pretty sure it’s not.


Xmasonwheels. Real Christmas Cards gone Virtual.

This video came to me this morning via Google reader, and since I work for a rather large greeting card company, I had to post something about it.

Swedish Post have come up with a great idea to promote the sending of traditional greeting cards, by replicating designs created by Jenny Nystrom as a live action video feed to the web.

Christmas Cards on Wheels (xmasonwheels.com), is the work of Åkestam Holst which allows visitors to the site to control a camera mounted on wheels.  Visitors can guide the camera around a track and then take pictures of the Christmas scene which is sent as real Christmas cards to friends and family. Visitors can also choose to be the engineer of the Christmas Train and decide what should happen in the live surroundings.

As a designer that works in an internal studio that is bridging the gap between physical greeting card products and an ever expanding digital and online experience I think this is a great idea. It creates a real connection between the online experience and a physical product that helps promote the Swedish Post.