Out of the Jar.

Out of the Jar by Gestalten is a new book about the best, and some of the most unusual spirits from small distillers around the world. These are spirits made by a new generation of distillers who are using combinations of rare fruits, herbs, grains and spices to reinvent and reinterpret high octane recipes for alcoholic drinks. The book features distillers that are crafting these by hand from the distllery to to bottling the final product. The video above introduces a hands-on whiskey maker from a prohibition-era distillery in Brooklyn, a passionate mezcalero who doesn’t chicken out from an unusual recipe, and a Berlin-based artisan whose rum is taking the world’s best cocktail bars by storm.  It’s a nice little video short with quality production value, and it makes me want to go find some of the booze featured here.


Better Get the Goat.

I have no idea how you would have pitched this idea to the Canadian government, but I bet it was fun when they did. I hope they brought an actual goat to the client pitch, that would have been Mad Men worthy. Now with that said, this PSA for Injury Free Nova Scotia is pretty fun when you think about it. Not only that, it has a certain amount of staying power, and is just bizarre enough that it will probably generate buzz with young adults.