14 Works, and One Ambigram by Sebastian Lester.

I love hand drawn type. I think it comes from the fact that I am old enough to know what it was like to actually hand letter, in the pre-computer days. I also remember what it was like to hand set type using galleys pasted up on board, or using rub-down Letraset press type. This kind of work tends to give you an appreciation of what it takes to set type, let alone be a master calligrapher.

Sebastian Lester was trained as a graphic designer at Central Saint Martins, and now lives and works in London. His specialty is hand drawn type, and based on the images below you can see why. Beautiful, detailed, incredible, hand drawn type forms that create stunning compositions. Even if he finishes his works out on the computer, he starts them by hand, and his sense of movement, balance, and composition are so solid.

I love this ambigram poster entitled “Blazing”. Just stunning work, that makes me a bit jealous, and leaves me in complete awe of his skills.

Amibgram of "Blazing"

Blazing detail 1

Blazing detail 2

Blazing study

Blazing Study