American Express

“Sync. Tweet. Save” American Express’ Innovative Social Media Campaign.

For better or for worse, credit cards are a necessary evil in most people lives. Plastic money is used more often than real cash anymore, and for most credit card companies, positive brand image is rather hard to maintain. People have to use plastic, but they loath fees, high interest, penalties etc. And while most credit card companies are constantly trying to improve their brand image, and win new customers, most don’t do it in a very clever way. One company, and campaign that might change all of that is American Express with it’s new “Sync Tweet Save” campaign that launched at SXSW 2012 this week.

“Sync. Tweet. Save.” lets US card members turn customised Twitter hashtags into savings. When an AmEx customer syncs their card with Twitter, they have are given exclusive offers which are loaded directly onto the card, much like a re-loadable gift card.

American Express is showcasing the “Sync. Tweet. Save” campaign at SXSW 2012 over the next two weeks, where all eligible AmEx customers in Austin will receive $10 when they sync their card, tweet the special offer #AmexAustin10 and use their synced card to spend in Austin during SXSW.

This is a great initiative form American Express in the social media space. It demonstrates forward thinking and a smart use of social media to build brand loyalty through customer rewards. What a great way to demonstrate a tweet’s return on investment.

American Express Augmented Reality Talking Gift Tags

Since I work for a company that produces augmented reality stuff, I am always on the look out for new augmented reality things. This year, Christmas seems to be crawling with QR code, and augmented reality digital add-ons to physical products. One cleaver use of augmented reality, and one that I wish my company had done (and would have done much better) is “Talking Tags” from American Express by Ogilvy Sydney.

Talking Tags is a direct marketing campaign where every American Express card holder was sent a “Talking Tag” that drove them to an Augmented Reality experience online.

I’m not crazy about the quality of the animation, or the editorial, but the idea is great.