Andrew David Watson

Greg Packer, The Most Quoted Man in News.

The short film below is a collaboration between film maker David Watson and the New Yorker magazine. It features “Greg Packer” if you don’t recognize the name right off, you will when you watch the film. Greg is an average guy with an uncanny skill at making many, many media appearances. The short film features great editing and post production work that really helps bring out Packer’s story. Love him or hate him this will put a smile on your face.

Waiting Out Winter.

Kansas City is about to get hit with the first major snow storm it has experienced in two years. Because of the impending end of winter storm, I thought I’d post this little video about waiting out winter. This is a really well done video, making great use of time-lapse photography, and really solid sound design.

Cast & Salvage ///
Directed by: Andrew David Watson ///
Music : Huma-Huma ///
Radio Voice Over: Blake Delong