A Hiku For Your Fridge and Phone.

This is my Monday morning Kickstarter find, and something I am probably going to back. Hiku has been getting press lately from some heavy hitters like “AllThingsD” and “Fast Company’s Co.Design” with good reason. Good design is about solving problems with an intelligent, attractive solution that seamlessly blends with your life. Hiku does that.

The simple device is a wireless enable reminder service that is tied to your smartphone. It was created to help your shopping by sending reminders of items you’re out of to your phone. It uses both voice activation, or a scanner and connects directly to your Wi-Fi network at home.That way your phone doesn’t need to be with you to use it.

The device is small, simple, unobtrusive, and elegant, and it solves a problem. All the things good design should be.

SwApp. Adobe’s Latest Tutorial Builder, iOS Dev Tool, Creative Showcase

You have to hand it to Adobe. Not only have they completely embraced the tablet eco system, they have pushed their software development teams to create tools that make it easier to build and publish interactive apps for iOS and Android devices.

One of the latest training tools that Adobe is releasing is titled SwApp. It is a dedicated tablet application that features tutorials created and uploaded by the creative community from all over the world. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store, and distributed in a series of editions, each including up to twelve user-contributed tutorials and examples of work.

If you are one of those rare individuals that makes good tutorials and want to join in the fun, you’ll need a copy of InDesign CS6, Folio Producer, and Folio Builder. You’ll need to download the Adobe provided InDesign templates and assets to start your tutorial build, and follow the Adobe guidelines for creating tutorial content. There is a ton of potential here to show off your mad creative skills and teaching talents. All it costs you is time.


The Ministry of Letters, and the Singing Letters App.

Mother’s recently launched Singing Letters, an iOS application for both the iPhone and iPad designed to bolster a love of literacy in children.The application is a companion piece to the website Ministry of Letters which functions as an educational site helping to teach children to read in a fun and memorable way.

The application consists of an animated signing alphabet, made up of 26 individual male and female characters. The letters are waiting on a stage for the interactivity to begin. When a child touches the letter, it sings its ‘phonetic’ sound. As the child continues to press letters, they build simple words, and create unique tunes that the alphabet preforms.

The application has a fun quality to it with simple animations. There is a quality about it that is guaranteed to draw any child in. Fun, simple, entertaining, and game like this is sure to be a hit. Watch the videos below to get a sense of how the application works, and click through to see what Ministry of Letters is all about.