Apple Haters

iPhone 5 Predictions from Techbargains.

In one week the new iPhone 5 will be announced with the same Apple fanfare we have all come to know and love. With that launch will come the love/hate fest for Apple products. At this point you’d think people would get a life and move beyond hating a brand because of it’s popularity and success, but that won’t be the case. In a new survey conducted by, they found that Six per cent of people won’t buy an iPhone because they hate Apple.

At the same time, 20 percent of Android users want the new Apple iPhone when it drops later this month.

It turns out that thirty percent say they don’t want the new iPhone, with 20 percent of this group stating they will never buy an iPhone because they hate Apple with a passion greater than the heat of one thousand suns. Another 35 percent won’t go with the iPhone because of they feel it is cost prohibitive.

In the survey Techbargains found 45 percent of the respondents want to get the iPhone 5, with five percent planning to camp out in line on the release day( I just don’t get this practice).

Now here is something interesting and very telling for one company. Of those who took the survey, 20 percent of Android users want the new iPhone; and one in three, (30 percent) of BlackBerry and non-smartphone users want to make to jump on the Apple band wagon.

There are more facts and figures in the infographic below, and the complete survey results can be read here.