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Geek Out Monday. 3D Video on an iPad via Kinect.

It’s Monday, so I thought I would start the week with a geek fest featuring some 3D video built with a Microsoft Kinect, and played back on an iPad.

LAAN Labs, used String Augmented Reality SDK to display the video and audio that was recorded with the Kinect. Working with Libfreenect’s open Kinect project, they recorded the incoming data from the Kinect, and then built a textured mesh of the subject from calibrated rgb and depth data sets. This was done for each frame in the sequence which allowed the video to be played back in real-time. Using a simple depth cut off, they were able to isolate the person in the video from walls and other objects in the room.

The image was projected onto a printed image marker in the real world using the String SDK. That image was then used as a QR marker for the iPad to read and display the image.

While this is pretty rough, the result is still impressive, and it really shows off the power of Kinect’s open source community, String SDK, and the Open Kinect Project. I can’t wait to see how this develops. The potential for content development here is huge.

Pennant for the iPad. Great Design and a Great User Experience.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, I haven’t been since the baseball strike a few years back. I have other issues with baseball too, my home town team sucks, it feels as though the teams are really set up so rich teams get all the good players at the expense of other teams sort of stacking the deck… I am however, a fan of good design, and good user experience design. This is why I have to say, I really like the iPad application “Pennant” from Vargaton.

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Whether you like baseball or not, you will enjoy going through the data visualizations that are presented here in a clean and easy to understand format.The application covers baseball history, games, players, and stats from the 1950’s to the present. As the developer puts it, “This is an interactive exploration of baseball data that allows users to quickly and accurately recreate and investigate the history of the annual race to be the best team in Major League Baseball.”

This application is simple, and elegant with stunning graphics that make baseball attractive to even the most un-interested sports fan. It features a limited color pallet with easy to read typography, and charts. The application flow is simple, seamless and easy to navigate making the overall user experience one that encourages exploration.

iPad or Axiotron Modbook? I Think I’ll Take a Modbook Please.

Since it’s Sunday and I am actually working on the “Call Her Mama” movie stuff I am just putting out a quick post today. About 2 years ago I saw the Axiotron Modbook, at a trade show and was blown away. Think of this as a Wacom Cintique with a full-blown Macbook Pro shoved inside of it. This is what the iPad should aspire to be. I know the iPad is not supposed to be a full feature notebook computer, but if it were closer to the Modbook I’d actually consider getting it, and here’s why.

The Modbook, supports Flash, does multi-tasking, runs a real version of OSX, has a camera, stylus support, and has real USB ports on it. Now I get that the Modbook, is also the cost of a Macbook plus $699.00 for the hardware conversion, but it seems so worth it. As a creative professional, Modbook is kind of a portable dream machine, where as the iPad is just a big iPod touch, which is a real shame. If Apple had added just a few simple things I’d probably get one, but lack of key features makes me re-think my strategy and lean toward a Modbook purchase later this year.

Be sure and check out the videos of this thing in action.