Frost, Partly Cloudy.

A little overs month ago I posted about David Elgena’s WTHR app that featured a beautiful, minimalist UI that Dieter Rams would swoon over. The app looks beautiful, but provides limited data, that isn’t much better than stepping outside and looking around. A little bit more, would have been a whole lot better. This is where Berlin design firm frost comes in.

Frost has launched a weather app that is based on infographics generated from live data. It’s simple and easy to use, but provides additional information. In other words it lets you know if you should pack an umbrella for later in the day. Some of the primary features are:

– Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius

– Wind speed

– Weather forecast (sunny, raining, snow…)

– Predictions for precipitation times

– Current, hourly, and 7 day forecast

It’s all wrapped up in a beautiful easy to read package.




The Ministry of Letters, and the Singing Letters App.

Mother’s recently launched Singing Letters, an iOS application for both the iPhone and iPad designed to bolster a love of literacy in children.The application is a companion piece to the website Ministry of Letters which functions as an educational site helping to teach children to read in a fun and memorable way.

The application consists of an animated signing alphabet, made up of 26 individual male and female characters. The letters are waiting on a stage for the interactivity to begin. When a child touches the letter, it sings its ‘phonetic’ sound. As the child continues to press letters, they build simple words, and create unique tunes that the alphabet preforms.

The application has a fun quality to it with simple animations. There is a quality about it that is guaranteed to draw any child in. Fun, simple, entertaining, and game like this is sure to be a hit. Watch the videos below to get a sense of how the application works, and click through to see what Ministry of Letters is all about.