Art Gallery

Truck Art!

Art collector and businessman Jaime Colsa has come up with a way to bring art to the people every day. He is using trucks, as in semi’s as canvasses to showcase the latest trends in painting, drawing and urban art in Spain. For Colsa the trucks challenge each artist to deal with scale, budgets and other obstacles that they had probably not dealt with before.  They are also challenged with the fact the canvas is moving, rendering each work a fleeting moment for it’s audience. It’s a great idea. Get the art out of the gallery space, expose thousands of people to it, and challenge artists to work in a new way. I wish someone would bring this same kind of program over from Europe to the USA.

Phrophets and iBeacon Extend the Museum Experience.

When Apple introduced iBeacon my first reaction was “Oh great yet another way to try and force feed me offers, coupons, and ads I don’t care about”. After seeing the way Prophets used the technology to extend the interaction of a museum experience my opinion has changed. The video below shows how Prophets working with the Rubens House Art Gallery in Antwerp created an extension of the museum experience by  using location based beacons that interact with visitors directly as they navigate the museum. As visitors pass by works of art, the beacons the tablet is sent a variety of interactive actions that stimulate and extend the viewing experience. The example is pretty straightforward, and shows the potential the technology has beyond simple advertising and offers.