Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences Lab.

If you want to be a cutting edge design firm that focuses on immersive digital experiences that blend with physical products you need to follow Razorfish’s lead. The Atlanta based Emerging Experiences lab is perfect example of how Razorfish is creating cutting edge design and advertising experiences that work.

“From concept to completion, the Emerging Experience Practice is a one-stop shop for clients looking to collaborate with a team of committed, enthusiastic specialists to ultimately create custom solutions that are grounded in the reality of business. The Lab is a unifying space not only for emerging technologies, but also for designers, developers, strategists, and stakeholders too.”


Coke Says Happy Birthday with the Worlds Largest Projection Mapping Project.

Projection mapping has become so hot in the last 12 months you barely go a week without some new post hitting YouTube or Vimeo showing off the latest and greatest. This week the city of Atlanta was privileged to witness the largest projection mapping project yet, with Coca-Cola kicking off it 125th anniversary. Coca-Cola, turned their 26 story headquarters building in downtown Atlanta into a 2 hour long video extravaganza, that even incorporated real-time feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

The display was created for Coke by Obscura Digital and utilizes 45 projectors to cover more than 200,000 square feet of building surface. The video show features all of the iconic Coca-Cola branding including the contour bottle, the polar bears and classic images that were culled from the Coca-Cola advertising library that spans the companies 125 year history.