Audi A1

That is Gonna Leave a Mark. Audi for the Spanish Derby,

On Saturday December 10th, the Spanish Derby will be played in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Barcelona. The match between Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona is sponsored by Audi who wanted to promote the event with an integrated campaign connecting both online and offline touch points. The campaign was present in all the traditional spaces from print to broadcast, but this video makes it for me. This is the “How They Made It” video showing exactly how they created the illustration for the posters, and ads.

It’s pretty impressive.

Agency: DDB, Spain
Client: V.A.E.S.A – Audi Spain
Product: Sponsorship Real Madrid CF – FC Barcelona
Executive Creative Director: Fernando Barbella
Creative Directors: Jaume Badia, Alejandro Arriagada
Art Directors: Silvia Cutillas, Aldo Ferreto
Copywriter: Javier Nuñez
Production Company: Monkey
Director: Blai Graell


Sam Brown’s Audi A1 TV Spot. Love It.

Most car commercials leave me pretty cold. There is nothing wrong with the way they are shot, edited or produced, per say it’s just that they are for the most part formulaic and boring. There are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part it is the typical “Professional Driver, Closed Course” thing with sexy shots of the car going really fast and trying to make you feel that you would be a bad ass if you bought said auto. Maybe this is why I am digging this new spot for the Audi A1 directed by Sam Brown for BBH London and Rogue Films.

First off the commercial is shot so well, and looks absolutely stunning. Then there is the fact that Brown has taken a bunch of shots that have nothing to do with the car, but leave a lasting visual impression which kind of sells the ad. The whole thing is then punctuated at the end with a brief tag line for the car. Brown uses a reduced color pallet of simple black and white tones with a splash of red at the very end which highlights the A1’s two tone color scheme.