16 Cars and Vans

A couple of weeks back I was approached to do a set of 3 illustrations of classic sports cars at a fixed price. The direction was specific about the view being straight ahead from the front of the car. The end goal was that these were going to be used in a printed calendar, and after the first 3, I’d get 9 more to work on.

Unfortunately, I fell victim to the bait and switch tactic or would you rather do these on spec, or for free, for a ton of exposure, and a possible cut of the profits. The thing is I don’t work for free, and unfortunately, the client’s proposal left me flat. So, I decided to say thanks but no thanks, keep my files and go back to my office.

The thing is though, it got me all inspired, so I did 12 more over the course of a couple weeks, and shared a few on social media. Now, I’m releasing them to the world. I really don’t have any interest in making money off of these. It was a fun little exercise with Adobe Illustrator that I feel good about. Each image is sized for the iPhone 6 screen resolution.

All I ask is if you download them and use them, give credit where credit is due. Let people know I am the guy that made these. Don’t resell them to make money and don’t take my name off of them. Tell people where you got them, and ask them to respect the same request about selling and credit.



280z 356 911 917 2002 A-100 Alfa California Corvan DB5 Falcon Merak Miura Quatro XKE

Audi TT Brochure Hack.

I love it when a group of designers and engineers come together and solve a problem that blends digital and analog worlds. For a while now I have been fascinated by using conductive ink, and paper to extend a digital experience tied to your phone or smart device.

Razorfish Germany was tasked with creating an interactive brochure to promote the features of the new Audi TT Virtual Cockpit. To do this they used the physical automotive brochure, conductive ink, and a bluetooth chip that synchronizes the brochure with your smartphone. The idea was to create a seamless experience that mirrors the actual virtual cockpit and extends the learning experience for your new TT. 

This “Digital meets Print” idea shows how you can generate unique value for customers by intelligently linking the virtual and physical worlds together to extend the overall experience. For a bit more information on the “Audi TT Brochure Hack”  Project Gallery has a  website with a bit more info and some still images.

It Couldn’t Be Done, an Audi Storybook.

To promote the history, engineering, design and state of the art technology that has always gone into Audi automobiles, VBP, Mattson Creative has created a 28 page storybook. Reading like a children’s book, and filled with wonderful illustrations, the book covers the history of the car maker form it’s origins as Auto Union to the present day. Illustrations from the book are featured below. The video is a narrated reading that shows off each page of the book. What a great way to break away from the traditional way of automotive advertising and promotion. This feels so fresh in a world dominated by macho, aggressive imagery and technical specifications.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The Audi quattro® Experience, Interactive Installation.

OK this is the kind of interactive advertising/marketing that I love. It’s more than just digital. It has a physical component that is tied to an iPad app, and website.

Audi built a one of a kind experiential event that was tied directly to an integrated campaign  that allowed participants to drive 1/32 scale custom fabricated Audi slot cars on a 140 square foot hand built track. The track was placed in the heart of Toronto’s financial district where participants could use the world’s first iPad slot car controller that featured live in car camera feeds giving participants the feel of being inside the slot car itself. What a great idea. I hope Audi takes this on a tour of North American cities because I want to play.

Audi Sure Has Some Steely Balls.

In the last year Audi has really been stepping up their game with immersive experiential design. For the London Olympic games they built out a futuristic showroom, and now the have launched “Audi Spheres” in Copenhagen.

Created by Kollision, AV integrators and Pufferfish, for Audi. The spherical environments allowed people to literally immerse themselves in the Audi brand through a clever use of technology that leans heavily on  augmented reality video pads, spherical displays, video walls, and sound design.

At the same time the space showcases Audi’s future priorities in design, ecological solutions, and electric vehicles.

PufferSphere and Integration – PUFFERFISH LTD

Interaction and programming: KOLLISION
Concept and communication: KMS BLACKSPACE
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER

“Audi City London”, An Immersive Digital Dealership Experience.

Working for a solid year, Audi and Razorfish have completed a new flagship showroom for Audi that will be open near Piccadilly Circus in London, just ahead of the 2012 Olympic games.

Developed using the Kinect Razorfish has created an immersive world world that allows potential buyers to glean even more information about Audi’s line of cars by interacting directly with touch-screen panels, interactive video walls, physical touch surfaces, and objects that react to touch, and screen simultaneously. Watch the video below to get a full sense of what they have created.  There is even more information available on Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences Blog.

“Audi City London is a groundbreaking dealership experience delivered by one of the most technologically advanced retail environments ever created. The digital environment features multi-touch displays for configuring your Audi vehicle from millions of possible combinations. Your personalized car is visualized in photorealistic 3D using real-time render technology, making the Audi City vehicle configurator the most advanced in the world. After personalizing your Audi, you can toss your vehicle onto one of the floor-to-ceiling digital “powerwalls” to visualize your car configuration in life-size scale. From here, you can use gestures to interact with your personalized vehicle, exploring every angle and detail in high resolution using Kinect technology.”

“Ahab” and the Great White Audi.

During tomorrow nights NFL division playoffs, Audi will be airing a new 30 second spot for the Audi A6. The full 60 second commercial titled “Ahab” is a spoof on Moby Dick featuring a crusty tow truck driver and the great white whale played by an all white A6 Quatro.

The writing on this is spot on, as well as the way it was shot and edited. It’s to bad Audi didn’t buy time for the full spot, because I think it would have been worth it. Football fans might not be able to see the full 60 second spot tomorrow night, but you can watch the whole thing right here.