Friday Inspiration. Is it time to change the Australian flag? by Mike Tosetto.

I’m not Australian  and don’t live in Australia, and I actually like the Australian flag the way it is. I can see why some people might want to change it though. (talk about a killer design gig) Anyway, it’s Friday, and I wanted to post this video, because its a really nice piece of animation and motion graphics work from  who is an Australian.

The piece is really well researched, designed, and animated. It’s worth the few minutes it takes to watch, and I guarantee you’ll learn a little something if you do.

The Monkeys + IKEA + Scrapbooks = KLIPPBOK.

KILPPBOKEvery time I turn around, IKEA is introducing some new digital marketing piece. It doesn’t matter if it is for the European stores, or as in this case for IKEA Australia. IKEA is a brand that understands how to use digital to extend brand presence and drive traffic to purchases of physical product.

KLIPPBOK is an iPad scrapbooking app that was designed and built by The Monkeys for IKEA Australia. Taking advantage of intuitive touch functionality, KLIPPBOK allows the end user to mix and match IKEA products, and experiment with ideas for their home. The app allows you to create scrapbooks, swatchbooks or roomsets,  of IKEA products. Your saved KLIPPBOK pages can then be published and shared to Pinterest, or Twitter. (note that Facebook is not on the list)

My only gripe about this product is the lack of online catalog integration, and hooks to the IKEA online stores. I’m sure the thought process behind leaving this out has to do with the fact that the product prices listed in KLIPPBOK are for IKEA stores in  New South Wales, Queens Land and Victoria. Perhaps if this rolls out on an international level catalog integration will be included. One advantage of not including hooks to online shopping, anyone in the world can use this app to generate home decorating ideas using IKEA products.

Dumb Ways to Die. A Brilliant Safety Campaign from Australia.

I’ve always believed that to get people to change their bad behavior, you need to prompt them with something clever rather than beating them over the head with an in your PSA.

Melbourne Metro in Australia has launched a new campaign to promote safety around metro rail lines. It involves an amazing little animation, with a very catchy little song. The video is a memorable 3 and a half minute long animated music video, that uses black humor and a repeated phrase to sell the final point of “Be careful while waiting for your train”.

This is all part of the The Dumb Ways To Die campaign which is being executed across a number of social mendia channels. While the campaign centers on the YouTube music video (which has been viewed over 16 million times globally in just one week), the campaign is fully integrated across all media channels.

The YouTube video links to the other Dumb Ways To Die campaign aspects: The Tangerine Kitty – “Dumb Ways To Die” song is available for download from iTunes or you can listen to it on Soundcloud here. Dumb Ways To Die has a Tumblr site which features related animated gifs available for download and features the headline “Don’t do any of these OK? Especially the train ones”.  All of these are tied to or point back to The Dumb Ways to Die website which ties together the entire campaign

The integrated campaign centers around shareable content, and leverages platforms like Tumblr, Soundcloudand iTunes to help spread awareness about safety. These 3 platforms in turn support the YouTube campaign which banks on viral distribution to help spread the word.

This is a great campaign from Melbourne Metro with the potential to save lives across the world since the problem is universal world wide.

Haunting. Craig Walsh, “Emergence”.

This is one of the best uses of projection mapping I’ve seen in awhile. I love it when art takes technology, and does it one better than anything advertising and marketing has done. Don’t get me wrong, I think projection mapped events sponsored by big brands and companies is an exciting new form of marketing. Unlike those, Craig Walsh’s sculpture “emergence” makes you think.
If you are in Sydney Australia, you have one night left to see this in person at South Hyde Park. The sculpture pays homage to the park’s his­to­ry as a meet­ing place for civic unrest, protest and direc­tion action,with the projected faces telling sto­ries about civic involve­ment.


Paper Sculptures from Lisa Rodden.

I know I have posted about paper cut art and illustration before, but this kind of work always blows me away. Especially when it is executed as well as it is by Australian artist Lisa Rodden.

Rodden creates these simple yet detailed works by cutting, layering, painting and folding paper to create some really amazing visuals that morph and change as you move around them. The shadow and color that peak through the cuts in the surface create an intriguing feeling where the images almost feel alive. This is really wonderful stuff. Rodden’s work is represented by Koskela in Sydney, so if you are down under I suggest you stop in and check this work out.

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“There is a grace and beauty in fish that you cannot find in anything else. The slow, fluid motion as they glide through the water, fins and tail rippling softly as they go. They’re hypnotic, even healing, to watch. In Japanese (and Chinese) culture, the Koi represents courage, strength and perseverance, among other things. There is a tale about the brave Koi that swims upstream against the strong currents enduring many hardships and overcoming many obstacles. Finally it reaches the waterfall and as it jumps through it transforms into a magnificent dragon symbolising advancement and aspiration.

This work offers hope through strength. It is a reminder that with perseverance and patience we are able to work through the hardships in life to emerge stronger, wiser and better for it. It is also a work in peace and flow allowing the mind to wander and to daydream which should be given as much priority as food but is usually dismissed.”

IdeaWorks Christmas, an Audrino and Flash Based Streaming Experience.

The end of the year is usually a slower time for agencies. As the year winds down, it leaves a little bit of free time for folks to promote the company, have a little fun and show off their collective skills.

IdeaWorks in Sydney Austrailia, has done just that with a live streaming interactive Christmas display. The display uses live streaming servers combined with decorations that have been rigged up with audrino boards, and tied to a Flash based interface. The result is pretty fun. If you don’t want to actually play with the site, you can watch the video below.

I recommend clicking this link though, and having a little fun. IdeaWorks Christmas.

30,000: An African surfing odyssey

Thirty Thousand is a film about two Australian surfers on a thirty kilometer  journey along the West Coast of Africa in search of the perfect wave. Their travels take them through Angola, Liberia, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Gambia, and the Western Sahara.

The trailer looks stunning with gorgeous cinematography and surroundings as the group takes us on a journey from Casablanca to Cape Town, showing us the wonderfully rich culture, untouched waves and the amazing people of Africa.