Axiotron Modbook

iPad or Axiotron Modbook? I Think I’ll Take a Modbook Please.

Since it’s Sunday and I am actually working on the “Call Her Mama” movie stuff I am just putting out a quick post today. About 2 years ago I saw the Axiotron Modbook, at a trade show and was blown away. Think of this as a Wacom Cintique with a full-blown Macbook Pro shoved inside of it. This is what the iPad should aspire to be. I know the iPad is not supposed to be a full feature notebook computer, but if it were closer to the Modbook I’d actually consider getting it, and here’s why.

The Modbook, supports Flash, does multi-tasking, runs a real version of OSX, has a camera, stylus support, and has real USB ports on it. Now I get that the Modbook, is also the cost of a Macbook plus $699.00 for the hardware conversion, but it seems so worth it. As a creative professional, Modbook is kind of a portable dream machine, where as the iPad is just a big iPod touch, which is a real shame. If Apple had added just a few simple things I’d probably get one, but lack of key features makes me re-think my strategy and lean toward a Modbook purchase later this year.

Be sure and check out the videos of this thing in action.